Trivi 25

Where on Earth would you find this?

Ans: Statue of Lenin at the Southern Pole of Inaccessibility in Antarctica.

More info and images.

Answered by Suryateja, Vinod, SM Muneer ali

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Trivi 24

A sitter. Explain What did these result in?

Ans: The Peace Sign.

The British artist Gerald Holtom combined the semaphores for N and D to create the logo for British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament which would later become the peace sign.

Other peace symbols.

Answered by Sudip, S M Muneer Ali, C K Jaidev and Sindy

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Trivi 23

Where would you find this?

Ans: This plaque is at Führerbunker, the bunker complex where Hitler committed suicide.

More media and news.

Answered by Murthy, Shreenath Krishnamurthy, s m muneer ali, Prashanth Madhavan narasimhan

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Trivi 22

The name of X was inspired by these coins. What?

Ans: Penny Farthing. The high-wheeler bicycles got their name from the old British Penny and Farthing (quarter penny) coins.

Answered by Shreenath Krishnamurthy.

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Trivi 21

As usual. Identify.

Ans:Susan Kare, the Apple iconographer.

Answered by s m muneer ali

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Trivi 20

Identify this woman who helped bring a change in her country.

Ans: Nataliya Dmytruk (pronounced “d-mit-truk”), a sign interpreter with the Ukrainian UT1 television.

More on how she influenced the Ukrainian presidential election in 2004: [1] and [2]

Answered by SM Muneer Ali and Sundar Kumar.

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Trivi 19

Identify and elaborate.

Ans: Júzcar in Spain. It is was one of the white towns of Andalusia. The entire town was painted blue to celebrate the premiere of Smurfs. The people of the town chose to remain blue when offered by Sony to whitewash.

More info and images.

On an unrelated note, Clint Eastwood painted a fictitious town entirely in red and Shankar made Sabu Cyril paint a Tenkasi village.

If you have more time to kill see these [1], [2]

Answered by Sundar Kumar and SM Muneer Ali

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