Trivi 26

He was awarded the Ig Nobel Peace Prize for his unusual campaign against bureaucratic inertia. While he made arrangements to travel to Harvard to accept his Prize, the US government declined him entry in to the country. Why? And yes, identify him.

Ans: Lal Bihari Mrithak from Uttar Pradesh, who was officially dead between 1976 and 1994. He was awarded the IgNobel Peace Prize in 2003, amongst other reasons, for his posthumous campaign against bureaucratic inertia and greedy relatives.

More about him here, here and here.

Answered by Abhishek Bagchi, Shreenath Krishnamurthy

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2 Responses to Trivi 26

  1. Lal Bihari, a 15 year old farmer from Azamarh Uttar Pradesh, India. He was not allowed as US Government was not sure that he is alive or dead! Actually he got the ig Nobel because he was recorded dead for years and had to fight to prove that he is alive. He also had formed an Association of Dead People.

  2. Shreenath Krishnamurthy says:

    Lal bihari from india. He was supposed to be dead but was alive

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