Trivi 32




Ans: These are the state approved hairstyles in North Korea.

More info

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Trivi 31

Identify the blacked out words.

trivi 31

Ans: Reality Distortion Field.


Prashanth Madhavan got it right



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Trivi 30

Identify the film. What did it give rise to?



Ans: The film is Rasputin and the Empress. It gave rise to the All persons fictitious disclaimer.

Answered by Prashanth Madhavan

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Trivi 29

What is the specialty of this restaurant?


Ans: Conflict Kitchen. More info

Answered by Shreenath Krishnamurthy, npm123, Saquib Ahmed

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Trivi 28

Identify this person

Ans: Charles Ponzi.

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Trivi 27

How did the Austrian Post immortalise this?

Ans: The video shows the goal scored by Andi Herzog for Austria against Sweden in 1997 and made their way to the 1998 World Cup. In 2008, the Austrian Post commemorated the event by issuing a “lenticular stamp” that showed a 3 second clip of the famed goal.

More info here, here and some more bizarre stamps

Answered by Sibi Rajendran and Shreenath Krishnamurthy (wanted a more specific term)

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Trivi 26

He was awarded the Ig Nobel Peace Prize for his unusual campaign against bureaucratic inertia. While he made arrangements to travel to Harvard to accept his Prize, the US government declined him entry in to the country. Why? And yes, identify him.

Ans: Lal Bihari Mrithak from Uttar Pradesh, who was officially dead between 1976 and 1994. He was awarded the IgNobel Peace Prize in 2003, amongst other reasons, for his posthumous campaign against bureaucratic inertia and greedy relatives.

More about him here, here and here.

Answered by Abhishek Bagchi, Shreenath Krishnamurthy

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